What is BIG UGLY?

The “BIG UGLY” Cancer Foundation began as a tribute from a son to his dad who lost his life prematurely to cancer.

        Gary Masterson was an active community member, loyal friend and fiercely devoted family man. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July 2009 and lost the war on March 13, 2010 at age 55.

        His son Ryan wanted to pay homage to his father in a meaningful way that would help others whose life had also been affected by this vicious disease. Ultimately he chose to host a golf scramble to raise money for STAND UP TO CANCER. Golf was very fitting as it incorporated three things Gary loved; golfing, spending time with friends and helping others.

        But Ryan wanted the name to be something special as well, something that would embody Gary’s large and likable personality. A few ideas were discussed but “The Big Ugly” kept rising as the top choice. So he started a 501(c)(3) registered foundation with him in mind.


         Gary was well known to most all of Ryan’s friends having coached most of them in some sport or another through the years. When Gary would run into any of them, his greeting was always “Hey, Big Ugly”. It became a well recognized term of endearment among all of them. It was so obvious!

        To us that knew Gary it still makes us smile and our hope is that with the Foundation it will continue to do the same for some kind people in need of not only a smile but a cure.

Mission Statement

BIG UGLY Cancer Foundation – Raising awareness for cancer research, funds to help those affected by cancer, and honoring the memory of Gary Masterson by putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising!