You should know where your money is going.


In 2014 we had our first annual Golf Scramble that brought in $5,100!  We sent every penny of that money to Stand Up To Cancer.  Stand Up To Cancer is an organization that puts the best doctors in their area together to work on a cure for cancer.  Stand Up To Cancer puts doctors and organizations together in “Dream Teams” with the thought that with all of those bright minds together working as one unit they could find better options or cures faster.  I like the way they think!

In 2015 we decided that we could do better creating our own 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit company. This will allow us the freedom to send your money where we think it will do the most good and it will be a tax-free donation from you.  We will do lengthy research throughout the year to find what we consider the best place for monetary assistance.

No one in the organization gets paid a penny so 100% of the money raised goes to helping those affected by cancer.

If you ever have a question about where we are sending our money this year or have any suggestions of places that could use our help feel free to send them to us at